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Paying Back My Loan

It is your responsibility to be aware of all requirements regarding your HELP loan. This section will explain your obligations and your options to repay your loan. Once you incur a HELP loan (including VET Student Loans) it becomes an 'accumulated HELP debt'.

An accumulated HELP debt includes any unpaid HECS‑HELP, FEE‑HELP, VET FEE‑HELP, OS‑HELP, SA-HELP and VET Student Loans debts (it also includes any Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS), Postgraduate Education Loan Scheme (PELS), Open Learning Deferred Payment Scheme (OLDPS) and Bridging for Overseas-Trained Professionals Loan Scheme (BOTPLS) debts you incurred before 2005).

You can view your HELP debt and make repayments online via the MyGov website.

The HELP voluntary repayment bonus was removed from 1 January 2017.

The following pages may also be useful to you:

Loan Repayment - Find out how to pay back your HELP loan (including VET Student Loans) and when you must start making repayments.

Interest and Indexation - Find out how indexation is applied to your HELP debt.

The HECS-HELP Benefit aims to encourage particular graduates to take up employment in particular occupations or to work in specified locations by reducing their HELP debt repayments.

The HECS-HELP Benefit will be removed from 1 June 2017, this means that the 2016/17 income year is the last for which a person can claim the HECS-HELP Benefit.

To find out how to apply to have your HELP debt cancelled if ‘special circumstances’ have occurred, go to: Cancelling a HELP debt under ‘Special Circumstances'.

To find out how to have your VET FEE-HELP debt cancelled because of ‘unacceptable conduct’ by a VET provider, go to Cancelling a VET FEE-HELP debt-unacceptable provider conduct.