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VET Student Loans

A VET Student Loan (VSL) helps students to cover tuition fees for vocational education and training (VET) courses.

VSLs are only available for approved courses at the diploma level and above. This means that you can't get a VSL for a Certificate IV level course or below.

You can see which courses and registered training organisations (RTOs) are approved for VET Student Loans when searching on Your Career by ticking the VET student loans box.

There is a limit to how much you can borrow, called the 'loan cap'. The loan cap amount is different depending on the course you study.

Some providers may offer courses that cost more than the loan cap. In these cases, students must pay the difference between the course cost and the loan cap.

For example:

Alexa enrols in a Diploma of Business.

The total course cost is $6,000.

The loan cap for a Diploma of Business in 2020 is $5,264.

Alexa must pay the difference of $736 directly to her course provider.

To see if you are likely to qualify for a VSL, go to the VSL Eligibility Tool on Your Career.

Compare prices, VET courses and training providers at Your Career.

For more information, go to the VET Student Loans website or read the VET Student Loans information booklet.