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HELP loans

If you are going to study at a higher education provider or university, you might be enrolled in a place where the Government pays part of your fees. This is called a Commonwealth supported place (CSP).

If you are enrolled in a CSP, you still have to pay for some of your fees. You could get a HECS-HELP loan to pay for these.

If you aren't enrolled in a CSP, you are enrolled in a fee paying place. You could get a FEE-HELP loan to pay for your fees.

Each semester you might have to pay a fee for student services and amenities. You could get a SA-HELP loan to cover this fee.

If you are enrolled in a CSP and want to study overseas, you could get an OS-HELP loan to help pay your expenses.


Important notice - legislation changes that affect your HELP loan

The 2018 Student Loan Sustainability Act changes the arrangements for all HELP loans:

  • HELP debt repayment rates have changed and the minimum repayment threshold will be lower (from 1 July 2019).

  • The HELP loan limit will increase to $104,440 for most students, and $150,000 for students studying medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses (from 1 January 2019).

  • The HELP loan limit will include ALL study loans, and will be called the 'combined HELP loan limit' (from 1 January 2020).

  • A person's HELP balance will be renewable. This means that if you reach the limit, you can make repayments on your HELP debt and access HELP until you reach the limit again (repayments starting from the 2019-20 income year will top up a person's HELP balance).