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Do you have a USI?

9 March 2021

Do you have a USI?

The pathways to higher education in Australia are as diverse and varied as the students themselves. This year, there's one thing that most tertiary students have in common – the need to get a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

New students now need a USI to be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) and HELP loans.

Creating a USI is something YOU must do, not your provider. You won’t be able to complete a HELP application form or a CSP enrolment without one!

Continuing students should get their USI as soon as possible. From 2023, all students, old or new, Australian or international, must have a USI to be able to graduate and receive their qualification or statement of attainment.

If you don’t already have one, you can create a USI now. If you’ve studied before, it’s likely you already have a USI. You can find it quickly by following a few short steps.

Your USI is your lifelong education number. Create it once and it’s with you for life!