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New be a savvy student products

19 March 2017

Are you a student considering uni, TAFE or other tertiary studies?

Did you know that some education institutions are approved to offer HECS loans to eligible students? You can check out the complete list here.

Just remember that if you do want to access a HECS loan, you will need to provide your tax file number to your institution by the census date as your HECS debt will be recorded against your TFN. Your TFN is an incredibly important piece of your personal information so please protect it and only give it to your institution once you have made the decision to enrol in a course and to pay for it with a HECS loan.

As you consider which course to sign up for, be mindful that many education institutions offer the same qualifications. You should definitely compare different institutions so you can assess which one will be right for you. Things like price, payments options, how the course/training is delivered and job prospects are all good starting points when trying to determine which course and institution will be right for you.

Check out our savvy student page for more tips - where you will also find dedicated factsheets with detailed information about what else to consider when choosing the right qualification for you, protecting your tax file number , the importance of the census date and where to go for more assistance. You can also check out our two new videos.

If you need any more assistance, you can also contact us.

Good luck with your studies!