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Update to VET FEE-HELP Booklet

8 February 2012

We wish to call to your attention to an error in the printed version of the VET FEE-HELP information for 2012 booklet.

The error is on page 2; chapter 2 Eligibility for VET FEE-HELP; 
Section 2.1 Am I eligible?

The information provided in the box is incorrect. Students using a 
VET FEE-HELP loan do not have six weeks from the census date of a unit to correct information (including collecting and submitting the documents they need to prove that they are an Australian citizen) they have submitted about their entitlement to VET FEE-HELP. Providers must be satisfied that students meet all eligibility criteria by the census date for the units of study in which they are enrolled.

Please disregard all the information supplied in this box as it is not correct. The online version of the booklet has now been corrected. See the 'Publications' page view the updated booklet.