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You might be eligible for up to $5,000 from the Tertiary Access Payment – and there is still time to apply!

25 January 2022

You might be eligible $3,000 or up to $5000 from the Tertiary Access Payment – and there is still time to apply!

The TAP helps:

  • ease costs of students relocating to attend a tertiary education provider
  • improve education participation of students in regional Australia through improved financial support.

To be eligible for the payment, you must:

  • meet Australian citizenship or residency requirements
  • be from an inner regional, outer-regional, remote or very remote area (defined using the Australian Statistical Geography Standard - Remoteness Area classification)
  • be undertaking a Certificate IV or above, at least 75 per cent of full-time study load with a minimum duration of a year, in the year following completion of Year 12 or equivalent
  • be studying face to face, or in dual delivery method, for at least part of the course
  • be 22 years of age or under at the time they commence their course
  • relocate to study at an education provider or Regional University Centre at least 90 minutes by public transport from their family home
  • parent(s) or guardian(s) have a combined income of $250,000 or below (or be exempt from meeting this requirement).

Payment amounts:

  • outer regional and remote and very remote students can access up to $5,000 paid in two instalments
  • inner regional students can access a single payment of $3,000.

To apply for the TAP:

If you are relocating to study you will need to apply through Services Australia.

For more information, visit the Tertiary Access Payment page.