If you used a HELP loan to pay for your study, you can check your HELP debt and make repayments using the Australian Tax Office's (ATO) online services via myGov(Opens in a new tab/window) or phone them on 13 28 61.

The ATO can tell you how much debt you owe.

To check how much you were charged for individuals units, you will need to log in to myHELPbalance(Opens in a new tab/window) or ask your provider.

You can make Compulsory repayments(Opens in a new tab/window).

You can make Voluntary repayments(Opens in a new tab/window) to repay your debt.

You cannot cancel your debt. Once you have a HELP debt, you must repay it unless you meet the criteria for special circumstances.

If you believe that a HELP debt has been incorrectly assigned to you, you must contact your provider directly to raise your concerns. If your provider agrees that the debt should not exist, they can revise the debt to remove it from your account.